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By Mayor John McCormac

I am proud to report that Woodbridge has received a prestigious, statewide honor from the New Jersey League of Municipalities and the statewide Mayors’ Wellness Committee as a “New Jersey Healthy Town.”  The award – we are only the fourth town in the state to receive the recognition – is for our strong and active participation in the Mayors’ Wellness Campaign.

 “We are delighted to recognize the efforts of Mayor McCormac and Woodbridge to promote active living and healthy lifestyles through the Mayors’ Wellness Campaign,” said Judy Doyle, Mayors’ Wellness Campaign Director. “Our statewide effort, which now involves more than 250 New Jersey towns, is beginning to pay dividends.”



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 NJ Attorney General Anne Millgram
Attorney General
Anne Millgram

 TRENTON – Attorney General Anne Milgram directed municipal prosecutors not to offer or accept plea bargains to teen drivers with Graduated Drivers’ Licenses for motor vehicle violations that carry points.

The directive is aimed at ensuring that new drivers participate in driver improvement programs that are mandatory for young drivers who accumulate three or more points. The directive specifically bars pleas to a violation of operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner, a plea that avoids the assessment of points.

The Teen Drivers Study Commission recommended the action because a provision of the Graduated Drivers License system had been undermined by plea offers to no-point offenses.


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