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the-gift-of-giving-121208The Gift of Giving – Madison Elementary School fifth graders Hannah Smythe, Christina Kallinosis, Bridget Kneisel and Emily Beenders decorate the Rahway school’s “Giving Tree,” which is part of an annual campaign for Toys for Tots. Madison School works with the Rahway High School ROTC collecting new, unwrapped toys that are distributed to needy children in our community. Anyone interested in donating a gift may drop it off at Madison School between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.


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Gaining Muscle Strength

practical-fitness-10-31-08-logo-copyby Dan Felix, CFT

The human body is a very reluctant living organism. It doesn’t want to change. It doesn’t casually add muscle mass or strength. It doesn’t casually tap into its body fat reserves. And, believe it or not, it doesn’t casually add weight to itself, muscle or fat.

When we try to change our body we have to expect it to take some time. In the case of adding muscle mass, it can take months to see real muscle tissue gains and years to reach the big gains we see in the muscle magazine pictures. Here’s why.

The body is always trying to conserve its food supply: both the calories available to eat and the calories stored as body fat. Muscles consume calories. Even when they are doing nothing, they consume calories. The body will grow the strength and size of a muscle to just about match the daily demands that muscle experiences, and no more. This conserves calories.


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Remembering the Past by Diane Norek Harrisonby Diane Norek Harrison

SOUTH AMBOY-The now-closed St. Mary’s Grammar School on Second Street first opened in 1958. I started first grade in 1960, early on in its inception. Back in the 1960s, I couldn’t wait to see the large glass showcases on both floors decorated for all of the holidays. They were so much fun to walk past and stare at the displays.

The last Christmas celebrated at St. Mary’s was in 2006, before the school closed in 2007. My cousin Deborah Cooney Marion told me that the showcase displays continued that year.


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