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TRENTON—A Superior Court judge upheld the state’s claims seeking damages from ExxonMobil for harm to the environment and loss of natural resources caused by its refinery operations in Linden and Bayonne, Attorney General Anne Milgram announced earlier this month.

Superior Court Judge Ross R. Anzaldi rejected a motion by ExxonMobil to dismiss the state’s claims on grounds that the state should only be able to seek restoration of, and compensation for, natural resources damaged after enactment of the Spill Act in 1977, Milgram said.

“This is a significant ruling, because it affirms the state’s position that polluters who have damaged natural resources prior to passage of the Spill Act cannot simply walk away—they have an obligation to restore those natural resources, and to compensate the people of New Jersey for losses while the resources were polluted,” said Milgram.


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a-once-in-a-lifetime-proposal-021309A Once-In-A-Lifetime Proposal—Nick Santillo, a local Army Reservist from Elizabeth, was recently a contestant on ABC’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” In an episode that aired on Tuesday, Santillo decided to make his trip to the “Millionaire” hot seat even more memorable, by proposing to his girlfriend during the show. When Nick met his girlfriend Millie, he said it was love at first sight – at least for him! He asked her out about six times before she finally said yes. They’ve been together now for a year and a half. Millie came with him to NYC and sat in the “Millionaire” audience as his on-air companion for the show. Nick said that if he won big on “Millionaire,” he would get married, buy a house and give money to his family. Unfortunately, Nick only walked away with $1,000 in winnings after incorrectly guessing the answer to the $25,000 question on Wednesday’s episode. (Photo Courtesy of Valleycrest Productions Ltd.)

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pastby Diane Norek Harrison

WOODBRIDGE/PERTH AMBOY—I received these memories in an email from former area resident Tom Saboy:

“Dear Ms. Harrison, I was born in Hopelawn in 1935. I attended Hopelawn # 10 school from 1940 to 1948 and Woodbridge High School from 1948 to 1952.

“I read your articles on the internet. I do have some first hand information of the Woodbridge Golden Bears, Woodbridge High School Barrons, Perth Amboy Panthers, Perth Amboy semi-pro football teams and a handed down story of the Hopelawn Greyhounds.


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Tax Tip Of The Day: Recovery Rebate Credit

 irs-sealBy Gregg Semanick-New Jersey‘s IRS Spokesperson

If you did not qualify or did not receive the maximum amount for the 2008 Economic Stimulus Payment you may be entitled to a Recovery Rebate Credit when you file your 2008 tax return.  Carefully review the tax return filing instructions including the Recovery Rebate Credit worksheet.  Consider filing electronically using an e-file program to ensure you properly calculate the rebate amount.

For more information on IRS tax tips, go to the IRS.gov web site at www.irs.gov.

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