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On The Hunt—Junior Kindergarten students at The Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison hunted down some colorful plastic eggs on the morning of Thursday, April 9, on the school campus courtyard. Edison residents Nicole Ling and Ananya Murlidharan are pictured, above, examining their finds. Nicole is the daughter of Sunny and Johanna Ling. Ananya is the daughter of Rahul Murlidharan and Rashmi Mehndroo. (Photo by Michelle H. LePoidevin)

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Easter Came Early—Mrs. Rodrigues’ Pre-K 3-year-old class at St. John the Apostle School, Clark had a special visit from the Easter Bunny (who was assisted by eighth grader Rebecca Rodger).  The student council took time to hide the eggs for the Pre-K students and then helped them find them.  Everyone enjoyed the Easter egg hunt. (Photo courtesy of St. John the Apostle School)

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Middlesex Softball Team Sweeps Doubleheader—Chelsea Finn of Colonia in action against Lehigh Carbon Community College on April 5. The Middlesex County College Colts swept the doubleheader 13-0 and 8-0. (Photo courtesy of Middlesex County College)

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What a Difference an Hour Makes

MADISON, Wis. – Stroke experts know that there’s a small window during which the main clot-busting drug, tPA, can be safely given. But studies are showing that window could safely be expanded from the previous benchmark of three hours to four and a half. 

The most recent study, published in September in the New England Journal of Medicine, concluded there was more benefit than risk in administering tPA during the extra hour and a half. Of 821 patients in the study, those who got tPA between three and four and a half hours after the stroke had less disability three months later than those who received a placebo.

Dr. Justin Sattin, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, says most patients survive stroke, but many are left with serious disability. The expanded window could mean that thousands fewer patients will require extensive rehabilitation or nursing home care.

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Financial Advice for New Parents

 mirror-condensed-dollar-signA new baby is a joyous addition to any family. But children also bring added financial responsibilities for new parents. The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJSCPA) offers the following advice on making the right financial choices:

Create a Budget

This is excellent advice for anyone, but it’s a particularly valuable step for new parents, particularly because you will be making many purchases as you prepare for your baby’s arrival. More importantly, take the time to consider how the new addition will affect your family’s monthly finances. Child care, for example, can be a very costly addition to your monthly expenses. If one spouse is going to quit a job or work fewer hours in order to care for the baby, that loss of income will also have an effect. As soon as you learn you’re expecting a baby, begin putting together a regular monthly budget so that you’re prepared for changes in your financial situation.


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