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MIDDLESEX COUNTY—Three cases of H1N1 flu have been confirmed in Middlesex County, according to the Middlesex County Public Health Department.

Two of the cases, one from Highland Park and one from Edison, are from an influenza cluster in students from a private parochial school in Piscataway.  A cluster is defined as two or more individuals with symptom onset within seven days of each other who have common exposure, i.e. school.

The private school has been closed since Friday, May 22, and will remain closed until Monday, June 1.  County health officer David A. Papi said, “We have been working closely with the school, local physicians, parents, and all local health departments in the county, particularly Piscataway and Edison health departments.”

A third confirmed case involves  an adult male from North Brunswick and is not related to the cases from the Piscataway school, officials said.



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