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By Michael S. Goldberger, film critic 

It’s no secret that a good portion of comedian Bill Maher’s career has been devoted to questioning the world of spiritualism, from debunking obvious scam artists to challenging the very nature of the First Estate itself. And now, directed by Larry Charles, he stars in “Religulous,” his own freestyle documentary devoted to that cause.

This is funny stuff, its demystifying thoughts a raucously bittersweet deconstruction of nearly everything the so-called civilized world has come to believe…all in a miraculous one hour and forty-one minutes. Indeed, he uses extreme examples, collecting a rogue’s gallery of real-life, bizarre characters to make his point shocking as well as entertaining.

Yet underneath all the kidding, the grim undertow pulls at us. We know how powerful organized religion is, the countless lives it has claimed ever since Oog and Boog disagreed on which G-d to worship. Political leaders use it. Marx knew his communism couldn’t work if it had to compete with faith and conviction.


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