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By Michael S. Goldberger, film critic

You’ve seen multi-generational, good cop/bad cop tales like “Pride and Glory” before, though perhaps not so predictable and murky. Boy is it gloomy. N.Y.C. streetlights barely illuminate the night; the daytime winter setting is steely gray. Even in the dark of a magazine crime reporter’s office it’s unlikely Scrooge will allow another coal tossed in the stove.

One wishes a sit-down with director Gavin O’Connor. ‘Tell me, sir, the dreariness …is it a metaphor for all the sorrow and misery in the world, while also a stark cold reminder that far too much of the Bronx remains a thug and drug infested killing field? If so, we get it. Only thing, no offense, it’s more depressing than exciting.’

The sordid and seamy tale of police corruption grows beleaguering, its cynicism almost a genre unto itself by now. We’ve come to know the characters. Here it’s Jon Voight as Francis Tierney, Sr., big honcho in the N.Y.P.D., proud not only of his two cop sons, played by Noah Emmerich and Edward Norton, but a son-in-law (Colin Farrell) as well.



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