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Dear Senators McCain and Obama,

Is my vote for you worth tens of millions? I guess I’ll soon see. I am, not Joe the Plumber, but Steve the charitable fundraiser. That’s my profession. I’m one of those the press labels an independent because sometimes I vote Democrat, sometimes Republican. This time, however, I still do not know and, frankly, that’s a little frustrating to me because we’re just days away from election.

In the last election, I voted Republican. For reasons beyond the scope of this letter, I have regretted that. The foreign and economic policies have brought our country to its lowest level of international respect in as long as I can remember. Furthermore, the current financial crisis has left me wondering what legacy we’re leaving for our children. I’m fifty-three and I’ve lost nearly half the value of my retirement. I do not know if I have enough years before retirement to recover from this, much less reach my goals. And yet, I am grateful for what we have and I know there are many Americans who are worse off than we are.



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