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TRENTON – Citing the need to better educate new drivers who may have hit their first “bump in the road,” New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Sharon A. Harrington unveiled a newly overhauled Probationary Driver Program (PDP) curriculum today. The PDP is mandated for new (probationary) drivers who are convicted of two or more moving violations totaling four or more points in their first two years of driving.

New drivers who are remanded to the PDP must successfully complete the four-hour program that provides up to a three-point reduction on the driver’s record. Any driver who fails to complete the program is suspended indefinitely. A driver who completes the program and who commits a violation within one year after finishing the program will have his or her driving privilege suspended for 45 – 90 days. The new PDP curriculum covers a variety of important topics, including Graduated Driver License rules and restrictions, aggressive driving, distractions, driving under the influence and penalties such as surcharges and suspensions.



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